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A correctly done male shave can take a long time, and not many men have the patience to do it properly everyday. We use the old-school technique of shaving with a straight razor to produce the closest male shave.

B C B is here to help make your life just that much easier. Lay back and relax, watch TV, or listen to your favorite tunes…while we give you the shave of a lifetime. We will groom you to perfection, ensuring that you look your best. We will enhance your perspective as you walk out the door, ready to tackle the day.

Let us bring back the appreciation to just how uplifting that perfect morning male shave can feel, and more importantly, the confidence boost it provides for the remainder of the day. Let us give you the boost you need.

We understand—for most men shaving every day is an annoyance that has to be done before running out of the door. Why? Because proper shaving has become a lost art.

With our dedication to a superior male shave, we have what it takes to ensure you get your day started off right. A proper male shave can change the way you look at life, and the way life looks at you.

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